Ask State Legislators to Fund Public Schools and Protect Art & Music Programs!

It's time to speak up to Harrisburg in support of funding for public education.  We've been advocating at the city level to save the School District of Philadelphia from extreme budget cuts—but the education crisis isn't limited to just the city. 

The PA State Education budget has been cut by $900 million in the last two years, and without restoration of this funding, public schools across the state will be forced to make extreme cuts in extracurricular programs and staff, including complete elimination of the already diminished art and music programs that are so essential to our students and to cultivating the creative vitality of our region.

Lawmakers in Harrisburg need to hear from you now! The House has already passed the budget plan, so it's time to focus on the Senate. We've prepared a simple message for you to send to your State Senator, asking them to commit to restoring the funding our schools so desperately need. Please take a few minutes to customize the subject line and the letter before sending—customized emails have a greater impact!

Photo: The Edward W. Bok Technical High School is one of 23 schools closing this year. Photo by