Spread The Word

Thank you for emailing City Council to restore the budget for the Philadelphia Cultural Fund!

Your support for this issue is vital. Click here to return to the action page and spread the word to your friends and colleagues!

[Update] We have received a tremendous response from the advocacy action, so much so that we are beginning to fill up some of the councilmembers' inboxes! If your email bounces, please take the time to call that councilmember at the number listed below. It is important that each councilmember and their staff know that we need them to #SavePHLArts!

Mark Squilla: (215) 686-3458

Kenyatta Johnson: (215) 686-3412

Jannie Blackwell: (215) 686-3418

Curtis Jones: (215) 686-3416

Darrell Clarke: (215) 686-3442

Bobby Henon: (215) 686-3444

Maria Quinones-Sanchez: (215) 686-3448

Cindy Bass: (215) 686-3424

Marian Tasco: (215) 686-3454

Brian O'Neill: (215) 686-3422

Wilson Goode Jr.: (215) 686-3414

William Greenlee: (215) 686-3446

Dennis O'Brien: (215) 686-3440

Blondell Reynolds Brown: (215) 686-3438

Ed Neilson: (215) 686-3420